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"... Cyberscape has been our hosting provider and email administrator for over five years. During that time, I have found them to be helpful, knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. ..."

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Web Hosting Langley, BC
Web Hosting:

Why pay extra for features you donít need?

We believe in custom-tailoring a hosting plan that works best for your specific needs! Cyberscape will work with you to determine your unique requirements, and provide a quote based on the features you require. Contact us now for details.

Make a confident choice:
When choosing a web hosting provider, you want the peace-of-mind that you're making the best decision possible. Far too often, "discount" hosting providers store the maximum amount of domain names on their servers, which overburden the performance of you web site and email. This can cause a poor, negative browsing experience for your visitors. In some cases, an overloaded server will crash, making your web site and email inaccessible. At Cyberscape, our state-of-the-art servers are never loaded to capacity, ensuring the highest level of service and performance possible.
Cyberscape Hosting Service
We are pleased to offer hosting options for both the Windows® and Unix/Linux Platform:

Hosting Account Features and Options:
  • PHP Scripting language
  • APS (Active Server Pages)
  • CGI / CGI-BIN (Common Gateway Interface)
  • SSI (Server-Side Includes)
  • Perl Scripting
  • SSL Support (For secure transactions)
  • FTP access to your account, 24 hours a day
  • Anonymous FTP Support
  • MySQL database support
  • Free Sub-Domain Names
  • Domain Name Forwarding/Re-Directing
  • Microsoft® FrontPage® extensions
  • POP 3 Email Accounts
    > Features:
    • Anti-Virus / Spam Control (SpamAssassin)
    • Virtual Email (ex. [email protected])
    • Unlimited Email Aliasing
    • Unlimited Email Forwarding/Re-directing
    • Auto Responders
    • Remote Access via Webmail (Browser-Based access)
    • Mail Groups
    • Customizable Interface Skins
  • Control Panel Interface / User-Friendly Access
    • Manage your own email accounts (add/edit/delete)
    • Manage your domain name(s) and hosting preferences
    • Choose your own Interface Skin
    • Web Site Statistics
Hosting Woman

Request a FREE, No-Obligation Hosting Quote/Proposal now!
We would love the opportunity to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote or proposal.

Request a Quote

For a free, no-obligation consultation, be sure to contact us for complete details about our "Web Hosting" services, options, features and benefits.
  • State-of-the-art facilities located in a AAA-rated building
  • Dual electrical grid connections from independent substations
  • Internally redundant, bypassable 250 kVA UPS systems
  • Dedicated backup generator with manual bypass to second non-dedicated backup generator in the event of generator failure
  • Fault-tolerant 600V air conditioning system with humidity regulation
  • Air conditioning units and pumps connected to generator power for unlimited runtime in the event of utility power failure
  • Stratified air flow design for increased cooling efficiency and reduced energy costs
  • Non-service-affecting FM-200(r) Fire Suppression System with multiple zones, central control, and connectivity to the building fire system
  • Dedicated backup generator with manual bypass to second non-dedicated backup generator in the event of generator failure
  • Infrastructure built to comply with seismic code
  • Fully redundant core switches, routers, and load balancers, utilizing 802.1w rapid spanning tree protocol (RSTP) for split-second failover and high availability
  • Multiple GigE backbone trunks for fast network performance and traffic spike tolerance
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • 24 x 7 environment and network monitoring and response
  • Multiple, fault-tolerant upstream fiber connections
  • Burstable and uncapped bandwidth to every customer, at a minimum connection speed of 100 Mbps
  • Broadcast and internal (non-Internet) traffic is unmetered.
  • Multi-homed network with BGP-advertised address space and connections to multiple Tier-1 providers

Disclaimer: Although we make ever effort to maintain current, accurate information, Hosting account features, data center and network information is subject to change without notice. Always contact us for the latest information.

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